HYA is an integrated manufacturer of high precision and performance-critical components,located in beautiful coastal city-Dalian. We supply investment casting,sand casting,machining products to global industries including automotive,agriculture machinery,hydraulic equipment,electric power,construction,medical machinery,etc.

The company consists of four plants of investment casting, sand casting and machining with advanced technology,precision manufacture and inspection equipments,efficient management system,and abundant talents,is providing high-quality products to global leading companies.

Investment casting foundry use silicon glue lost-wax process,integrate manual and automatic equipments,produce casting parts in different batches per customers' requirement.Parts are for electric power,fluid control,fire and security protection and other machineries.

Sand casting foundry use precoated sand casting and permanent mould casting to produce bigger castings and copper,aluminum alloy.Parts are for construction and agriculture machinery,etc.

Precision machining plants have more than 80 NC machines, equiped with CMM, microscope tester and many other inspection tools. Based on our casting+machining, we also welcome only machined parts.

We follow our principal standard:credibility,pragmatism,expertise,efficiency.

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