1993.06    Dalian Jiangyou Machinery Co.,LTD established

2004.10    Dalian Jiangyou Machinery Co.,LTD ISO9000 certified

2007.08    Dalian HYA International Co.,LTD  established

2008.06    Dalian Fenglong Metal Manufacture Co.,LTD  established

2012.03    Dalian Zhenshen Stainless Steel Precision Co.,LTD established

2012.10    Dalian Jiangyou Machinery Co.,LTD  TS16949 certified

2014.12    Dalian HYA Industries Co.,LTD established

2015.03    Dalian Zhenshen Stainless Steel Precision Co.,LTD  ISO9001 certified

2015.06    Associated companies' reorgnization and share purchasing completed by Dalian HYA

2016.07   Sales office opened in Osaka, Japan

2019.04   Customer Service Center started construction and will put into use in 2020

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